Our strength:
our dedicated stock

After your first order, Filmo Group ensures that your pre-selected products are always available in certain amounts based on your consumption and instructions. Billing is based on actual usage. We help you, our customer, meet unexpected orders, thanks to delivery available in 24-48 hours.

  • Filmo Group partners are certified and backed by long-term partnerships.
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer care
  • The possibility of 24 000 kg container storage at affiliated warehouses
  • Approval assistance
  • We offer advice on innovative and alternative solutions to help you find the best solution for your needs
  • Mixed containers can be ordered
  • Dedicated stock available with delivery in 24-48 hours
  • Technical consulting, custom services and orders
  • Total material traceability
  • Guarantee of constant quality in the supply of materials
  • A team dedicated to product research and development

Quality control

All Filmo Group products and suppliers are certified and hand picked.

Every product and material undergoes scrupulous quality control with respect to stated performance, to ensure certification is always up to date.

The new products we develop are always compliant with BRC certification to ensure safe solutions of high quality.

Environmental sustainability

Just because we use plastics, doesn’t mean we can’t work towards sustainable development.
This is why all of Filmo Group’s choices relating to materials, products and suppliers are always made based on two indispensable variables:

  • Environmental protection
  • The health of people

We ensure that all our suppliers comply with our corporate philosophy oriented to protecting the environment around us and safeguarding the social equity of groups and individuals, through ethical production choices that:

  • Aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Carefully consider the impacts of the product’s entire life cycle
  • Use renewable energy sources and recyclable raw materials whenever possible
  • Invest in biodegradable products and solutions
  • Comply with the principles of legality, equality, transparency, professionalism and development of human resources

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