Basic BOPP

Polypropylene films dedicated to flexible packaging.
All films are suitable for the application for food packaging according to current regulations.

BOPP Pearled

Polypropylene cavitated low density, heat-sealing film on both sides.
Both sides are pearl opaque white, one side is treated specifically to provide excellent ink adhesion.

BOPP Release

Transparent polypropylene film with excellent slipperiness  and antistatic properties for decorative applications.
The film is non sealable  on both  sides.
Film suitable to food contact.

BOPP Pigmented white

Polypropylene film with a matt white appearance, heat-sealing on both sides. The corona treated side is specific to provide excellent adhesion of inks and adhesives.
Film suitable to food contact.

Co-Extruded non-sealing transparent corona BOPP

Transparent polypropylene film, non sealable on both sides.
The corona side is particularly suitable for lamination  and ensures excellent ink adhesion.
Film suitable to food contact

Co-Extruded transparent sealing/corona sealing BOPP

Low-seal transparent Polypropylene with low Cof, also suitable for high-speed printing machines.
Seals at 105°, Cof of 0.25

Transparent sealing BOPP

Low-seal Polypropylene with Cof of 0.55

Co-Extruded matt sealing/corona sealing BOPP

Polypropylene with excellent opacity, also suitable for PET Food packaging.

Non-Slip matt BOPP

Polypropylene ideal for PET Food packaging with high opacity and excellent Non-Slip characteristics to improve sack packing.

Co-Extruded low-seal metallised corona BOPP

Transparent polypropylene low seal and low Cof, also suitable for high-speed printing machines.
Seals at 105° and Cof of 0.25

Co-Extruded no-seal metallised corona BOPP

Ideal Polypropylene for packaging, e.g. Easter eggs, where there is no need for a seal.

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