The Company

Today, Filmo Group is a leader in the distribution of Polyester, Polypropylene, Aluminium and Nylon food-grade films. It is assisted by our R & D department that is constantly seeking and testing new and innovative materials so that we can guarantee our customers a particularly competitive product portfolio in terms of quality, price and assortment.

Filmo Group customers become partners and benefit from many logistical and operating advantages, such as direct delivery or dedicated stocks with product storage in affiliated warehouses. This helps businesses cope with urgent needs, improving both efficiency and competitiveness.

Our commitment and professionalism earned Filmo Group prestigious BRC Agents and Brokers certification in 2015.

An additional guarantee for customers and for products.

Certified experience

Filmo Group was one of the first companies in Europe to receive BRC certification. All the products we distribute are also tested and guaranteed by CSI, the specialised certification body for the food sector. It is responsible for sample analyses, testing, applied research, validations and studies of conformity with the legislation in force.

Filmo Group is in contact with the major manufacturers around the world so that we can offer out partners certified solutions of the highest quality, reducing issues related to cost, quantity and shipping times.

Filmo Group takes care of every operational aspect from the order to deliveries, from advice on tailored solutions to the entire approval process, guaranteeing reliability and continuity in product supply.


The team

Filmo Group is backed by almost half a century of know-how in the food packaging sector. Our technicians and professionals have proven experience and our efficient R&D department helps our customers find the best solution currently available.

Investments in research are the heart of the company. They allow Filmo Group to use the most innovative and sustainable materials and technologies available on the market so that we can offer our customers personalised advice and services.

In our pre- and post-sales assistance, a dedicated expert is assigned to manage the entire project to deal with all logistical and organisational issues. This is how we create winning and long-lasting partnerships.

Respect, trust and professionalism. The feeling is mutual.

Respect, trust and professionalism. The feeling is mutual.

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